Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Back!

Well we've actually been back. We got back early from Great Wolf Lodge. Due to the thunderstorm that hit as we were just starting to shop at the "Crossroads" outlet shopping center. Bummer.

Here's another update on the Lodge...
Saturday morning we were contemplating a place to eat breakfast that wasn't at the hotel. However the girls were itchin' to eat & get back to the water park so we gave in & ate at the "Loose Moose" again.

Let me tell you that they CAN screw up breakfast just as bad as they screwed up dinner. There was a display of what I assume were "Eggs Benedict" but really looked like a congealed mess. I'd be embarrassed to display those! Wish I'd taken a pic of it but the Chef? Cook? Server? was standing by & don't think he'd appreciate my mocking his talents. The pancake I tried tasted like a sponge, literally. Joe had a made to order omelet & said it wasn't bad but the cook was a ditz & kept mixing up the people & their orders giving people the wrong omelet.

After breakfast, we hung around the lobby since there's a show at the Clock tower & it was almost time for the show to start. Meanwhile we took some pics. Gianna was not a happy camper & didn't want her pic taken, but we managed....somewhat.

Here's my sister, Chet with Marissa.Here's the clock tower just before the show started at 10am.In my opinion it's not a fantastic show but the kids liked it & that's really what it's all about. (I tried uploading some of the video I shot but either I'm incompetent or blogger isn't cooperating.

Here's a pic of the great stone fireplace in the middle of the lobby.After the clock tower show we managed to take some more pics in the lobby.

Marissa was the only one willing to pose....

Then we decided we were ready for some action & hit the water park. When you walk in you see this great big bucket that fills with water & every so often it would tilt & everyone in the area would get soaked.

People would stand there hoping to get soaked & I have to admit this is a COOL photo op....but that's not my family......

These are the tube rides, the blue one is the roller coaster one that Joe & Chet did. I am not that brave my friends, actually I'm more chicken than anything.

This is the wave pool we spent the most time at. When the wolf howled you knew the waves were coming.

Marissa heading into the waves as the wolf howled....This is Gianna all bundled up when she was shivering & cuddling in Titi Connie's lap.Then I find my husband was snuggling up to some hot chick in the hot tub!! She was all over him!This is the outside water area. It's not as big as inside but the main draw of the place was that it is an "indoor water park".Gianna had some issues with this fountain thingy & kept going over there & turning it off.

Since this has turned out to be a lot longer post than I intended I'm going to stop here & continue this later. To be continued......

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

wooooowwww!! fab pics girl and the kiddos look pretty happy!