Thursday, August 14, 2008


Last night I finally finished a bunch of LO's that have been sitting on my desk for awhile now. It's pathetic I know, but the reason they weren't done sooner? The titles & journaling needed to be done.

For me this is one of the hardest parts of scrapping. Usually to get the journaling started I'll just write down bits & pieces of information & then eventually tie it all together. I think my problem (one of many) is that my computer is in the kitchen & not near my scrap area. If I'm on a roll I don't want to stop what I'm doing to go on the computer. Besides once I'm there the temptation to surf the web is all too tempting!!

So with that said, I will be sharing some LO's later on.

Earlier I was talking to Joe about various things & we started discussing ideas to re-arrange furniture. I slipped in some ideas to give me more scrap space & he went with it but his ideas were way better than mine. I almost don't want to think about it just in case it's one of those things were I get my hopes up for & then it doesn't matierlize due to lack of time. Keep your fingers crossed. Mine are.....


laura vegas said...

can't wait to see the layouts! i put off my journaling until the very end. i never even know what it will be about until i find a title that goes with the page. lol! the title and journaling are always the last part of my layouts ... and totally unplanned. lol!

crossing my fingers for you too ... that would be great if you can get some more scrap space!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

fingers totally crossed;0)

can't wait to see the new layouts!