Friday, August 8, 2008

We're Here!!

We got to Great Wolf Lodge today & it looks really cool. I was expecting a 2 hour trip but it only took us 1 1/2 hrs & that's only because we hit a little traffic. On the way here Gianna seemed off. Chet was sitting in the back with them & said she felt warm, almost feverish. Lovely.

At the hotel when you check in you get writstbands that are your room key & if you choose you can even add room charges to it. Cool. Very neat lobby too all log cabin-ish.

We went right up to our room after we checked in. Let me say that the room is AWESOME!! I'll post pics eventually. So far today I haven't taken any.

**SHOCKING, I know!!**

After we got settled in our room we went to dinner. We went to eat here in the lobby at the "Loose Moose Cottage" it's buffet style. We got there just as it was opening for dinner & got seated right away. We all went up for food & they have a large array of foods. Even a chocolate fountain to dip various fruits into.

However, the food wasn't that great. In our opinion it was awful & not worth repeating. The chocolate fountain was good (duh chocolate!), but that's about all. Everything was bland & needed salt, which isn't something I normally add. The best thing to eat that we all agreed on was the mashed potatoes & gravy. The chicken francaise was dry. The pasta was bland. That's really the best word for the place...bland!

We're debating going there for breakfast. My sister Chet & I say "How can you screw up breakfast?", Joe has his doubts. Usually we go with his gut instinct since it's usually right.

After we ate, we went to the water park. You walk in & it's warm (85 degrees) & the smell of chlorine hits you but not overwhelmingly so. You don't need to bring your own towels unless you want to take them out with you. When you get the towels they're nice & toasty warm. Nice.

We got some chairs & hit the water. We 1st went into the "Wave Pool" & the water was sorta cold but alright. Then Gianna spotted the kiddie section & the girls had some fun going down the slides. This is when we split up & Joe went to look around. Chet & Marissa went to explore too & well me & Gianna just stayed in the kiddie section. I tried taking her to the "Lazy river" but she wasn't having it. She's seemed intimidated a little. In fact she was shivering from the cool breeze flowing through the place, so we took a break & I wrapped her up with some warm towels.

This continued on for a while since Joe, Marissa & Chet were gone for awhile. Gianna definitely had a fever (yes I gave her Tylenol before going to the water park). She would go into the water for a little while, then shiver so bad that it was visible & we'd get out. She wouldn't try anything but the wave pool after that & was content to sit cuddled in my arms. Poor kid.

Around this time, Joe & I hit the bar. I was talked into trying a "mojito" (my 1st one) by the charismatic bartender. It's not bad, pretty refreshing but not something I have all the time. Before we left the bar we went back for a "Rum runner" on the advice of Chet & it was pretty strong. Just call me a lush!

Afterwards we went back to the room. I got the girls showered & dressed. I was fine until after I dried their hair then those drinks HIT ME!! I wasn't drunk, but man was I buzzed!!! I needed something in me (& we were hungry), so we convinced Joe to go downstairs to the Pizza Hut Express for some pizza 'cause we were all .......Hungry like the Wolf! LOL!! Sorry I had to say it!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

were you still buzzing when you typed this???;0) not a fan of a mojito...and had way too many rum runners when i was younger... sounds like fun...sorry g is running a fever...hope she feels better.

get off the computer and enjoy your little trip;0)

laura vegas said...

sorry your girlie isn't feeling all that great ... hopefully she's better now! sounds like a fun place though!