Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge Finale

To re-cap the last of our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge.....
On Saturday night we (the adults) were deciding where to go for dinner & discussing our options. Joe happened to say.....

"This place has to be better than the shitty place downstairs."

Then of course Marissa had to add her two cents & said.....

"But I want to go downstairs to eat."

Gianna not to be outdone, adds her opinion.....

"I don't want to go to the shitty place"

We were floored!!! We didn't know what to say or how to not laugh! I explained to her that she couldn't say that word anymore & hope that she doesn't!!!

We ended up deciding to go locally for dinner & went to this rib place that was advertised in this book that was in the hotel room. We figured it HAD to be better than what they had at the hotel!

We get there easy enough & the hostess asks if we had reservations --no we didn't. She then says in this SNOTTY voice "Well then there's anywhere between 20-60 mins wait". We decided to go for it especially after she asked if we'd opt for a table on the patio. Luckily we didn't wait longer than 10 mins, however it was chilly outside & we forgot our jackets back at the room. Luckily I keep a lightweight throw blanket in the car for each of the girls & that saved us, especially since Gianna was feverish again & even napped in my arms while we waited on the food. The food there was good, the service wasn't but it's way better than the hotel.

The hotel sells this "Magic Quest" game where you buy a wand for $15.00. Then of course there are decorative "toppers" for another $15.00. THEN to add insult to injury there's a $10.00 activation fee!! You go around the hotel down all the halls & wave your wand at anything that has the game logo & acquire points. What you do with those points I couldn't really tell you other than you become a "grand pooba" or something of magic. What a rip-off. I told Marissa who of course wanted to get a wand that she could get 4 (approx) Webkins for the cost of the game & she can continue to play with those at home which you couldn't with the wands. She thought about it but didn't want to go for it. Either way we didn't end up with the wands.

Sunday morning was check out & after loading up the car we did go back in & treat the girls to some time in the arcade. Joe of course scoped out his competition. Afterwards we took some more photo ops. Which to me are way more important than a magical quest that doesn't include a decent meal.

This was at the entrance to the hotel.
This was the front of the hotel.....

This was as we were leaving on our way to the Outlet stores at The Crossings.
We get to the Crossings & have lunch at the food court. After we hit 2 shops & then the sky darkened & we realized we'd hit traffic if we stayed so we left. I was a little bummed that I didn't get to shop like I had planned but it just wasn't worth the trouble.

All in all the trip was good don't get me wrong. It's definitely a family place & it'd be cool to go to a water park during the off season. Besides we're going to Disney in about a week & a half!!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

that wand does sound like a rip-off!

bummer about the shopping...but you can always shop @ disney!!