Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cookie Cutter Crayons

Got old crayons?? Wanna get creative? Wanna occupy the kids during a thunderstorm? (Thunderstorm is optional) Try this, the kids get totally into it & love the idea! I got the idea from Marci Lambert's blog, you can see her post on this here.
The girls were totally into it & since we had the TV off during yesterday's thunderstorm they had no choice but get into it. Marissa & I peeled the crayons. Gianna lost interest in peeling the wrappers off so we had her breaking the crayons into little pieces. Finally we layered them all on a foil covered cookie sheet & into a 350 degree oven they went, for 10 mins.

Should've REALLLLLLLY keep an eye on it since we got a liquidy crayon soup. Will have to adjust the time if we should ever try this again. I found a few more crayons & added those hoping to thicken the "soup".
It doesn't look like much right now & wouldn't probably been better if the sheet I'd used was shorter or we had more crayons but it is what it is. Don't wait too long to cut them out like I did. I threw the sheet back in the warm oven for a few minutes (without turning it back on) & then I was able to use the cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Since this had taken longer than I had anticipated, I went with a basic circle. I had planned on the girls' initials but I canned that idea & just went with the plain ole circle. Once you flip them over they look much prettier. Just let them set up & harden & you've got some pretty rainbow crayons.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i keep meaning to get an old muffin tin to do this in...i had intentions of doing this for k's party goodie bag...but never followed through. very, very cool, though!

laura vegas said...

this is a cute idea ... we have so many old crayons! then again ... can you imagine a dish of exploding crayon all over my kitchen?!?! lol! i'm scared to use my oven again!