Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Something to look at...

Since this will be my last post before we leave I figured I'd leave you with something to look at, besides cold medicine!

As always I make 2 of each Disney LO for each of the girls albums, just slightly different. I made this very similar to the other except I changed the cardstock under the vellum from pink to blue. Someday I'll be done with this trip so I can move onto the April '08 trip & then eventually move onto this Aug. '08 trip so that means you'll be seeing lots & lots of Disney LO's for a long, long time......

Maybe once in awhile I'll throw in something random like these.....

Remember this post from the other day?? Well I was motivated to scrap it for a couple of reasons.

1. I finally (thanks to Laura) figured out how to use the collages from Scrapbooks Etc's website. I am technologically challenged & have never mastered Photoshop, but these, once I watched the how-to video (several times, pausing it continuously) were simple to do. I used these pics since there weren't a lot to choose from.

2. I needed a change from all the Disney.

**GASP*** Did I just say that?? Please, don't tell Mickey!!

It's not perfect, like the close up of the crayons rotated on it's side. It's a little stretched but since it was printed I figured I'd go for it. I also covered up 2 spots that I didn't add pics to with the crayon & the title. Like I said not perfect but I like 'em.

Yes I did 2 of them for each of their albums. The difference is very slight but Marissa can't choose which she likes better the purple crayon & white lettering or the green crayon & black lettering. She's my child when it comes to making decisions! I figure I use of more of my stash when I make 2, especially since I've had this paper since forever! I kept it simple & got to say these were the fastest LO's that ever came from my desk!


I'm done packing except for the last minute things & I'm happy to report that I managed to fit everything into 4 suitcases! Oh and the bags DON'T weigh over 50lbs!! That's a record for me (actually 2 records)!!! I had my doubts thinking I'd spill into a 5th bag but I pared things down to the essentials.

I had a few odds & ends to do around the house today. One was cleaning. I don't like to clean before we go away because really who's gonna be around, besides my F-I-L (whose watching the house)? However, I have been neglecting the house so I felt compelled to make the house "presentable". I cleaned the bathrooms, I vacuumed, and I mopped the kitchen floor. I am now suffering with a throbbing pain in my hips which never fails when I vacuum & mop. However, I can now go to sleep in peace, knowing that my F-I-L will not judge my housekeeping skills!!

So once again we are off to Disney. We are all excited!!! Marissa is so excited that she even helped me out A LOT today. Total brownie points but I'll take it! I hope the weather is decent & since Joe is bringing his laptop I'm sure I'll be blogging at some point during the trip. Don't miss me too much! LOL!!


jill said...

I love the Scrapbooks Etc collage templates!

Hope you're enjoying your trip!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

have fun!!!!!!

loving the new layouts...once again!

hope that you don't get any of the tropical storm weather while you are there. we were supposed to go home this week and now i'm glad that we didn't!

Creative Junkie said...

I can't believe you make two of each layout? Wow!

Have a wonderful vacation!

Lana said...

Have fun at Disney!!! I'm so jealous I've always wanted to go my entire life. But living in the midwest (entire life) it means a big trip, so it's never happened. someday :)
PS - thanks for stopping by my blog, you're awesome! :)