Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Amazingly enough that last update about the book being scheduled for delivery was TRUE!

I now have this in my hands!!

I didn't touch it until I was back home from running errands today. Actually I lovingly caressed the cover but that's all! **wink**

After dinner (we ate out) I was all over it! I'm already on pg 164. YEAH!! I am a HAPPY woman!

I wonder if the girls can be trusted to pack for this weekend?? I don't know HOW I'll be able to break away from this book!


laura vegas said...

so glad to hear you finally got your copy! i hate when i order something like that ... and then it's out in stores and i'm stuck waiting for days. lol!

i'm still feeling left out of this whole thing. lol! i was in target on monday and actually looked at the first book ... i have no idea what these are all about. lol! i know ... you'd think i was living under a rock!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...


i'm halfway through it (been trying NOT to ignore the kids/hubs too much)...and i am soooo not digging bella's story line.

hope it improves...