Saturday, August 16, 2008


Once again I'm behind on my sharing. I made these cards way back when I made these LO's.

***Colors are off but I left the pics dark for detail....don't judge me.....

I was channeling my "inner Laura" on the 1st card. She inspires me with all her wonderful ideas!

This was pretty simple & pretty quick.

This next one was another "WWLD" moment (what would Laura do?")

So there's some more scrappiness I wanted to share. Enjoy!

FYI...Once again I just wanted to state that I'm NOT preggers....really!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

you crack me up with your last comment! beautiful cards!! you rock it, girl with your inspos from laura!

laura vegas said...

you're too funny sara! and love the cards! on that last one ... that is totally what i would do. lol! i could have made that card! and i have to thank you ... it always makes me feel good to know that i inspire someone! i appreciate it!!!

Allison said...

These are great...always looking for baby ideas now that I am preggers (again!).