Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Why is it that for the past 2 days when I sit at my desk to scrap I feel nothing? I want to scrap, but I just can't. I've even thought that it's the LO that's staring at me that's got me stuck....but it's not. I've got it all planned out already. Just not motivated to manipulate the titles I need. Then I thought I could get my mojo back by skipping to another topic all-together but it's not working. I even tried playing with some supplies to get the juices flowin' but I've got nothin'! I'm feeling pretty frusterated right now.


laura vegas said...

you're not the only one sara!!! i was in a rut last week ... then i got my mojo flowing for a day ... and now i'm back to being in a rut again! it sucks. i want to do stuff ... i just can't get going.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

girl, i don't know what to tell you. you are not the only one for sure. just hang in there...IT WILL COME BACK...try to do a challenge off one of the blogs-that might help.