Monday, May 5, 2008

You know you made it when....

Today Marissa had her friend Katelyn over for a playdate. I was working on a LO at my desk when she comes over to me & asks what I'm doing. I told her I was scrapbooking & asked her if she knew what that was. She said yes & Marissa jumped in & started showing off. She takes down the Disney autograph album I made last year & shows her all the pages. I heard a lot of this...

"I saw Mary Poppins, she's pretty."

"Yeah I saw her too."

"I met Princess Aurora."

"Me too."

"I saw Stitch too."

"Yeah so did I."

"I met Princess Jasmine on this trip & this past one too!"

"Me too."

"Everyone who's in this book I met."

"Oh, yeah so did I."

Obviously the girl is hard to impress....

Then Marissa puts the book away & says....

"Now you know my Mom is really a Scrapbooker."

I was so proud of her! My very own cheerleader! Early Happy Mother's Day to me!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love it! too sweet!

i went and made mini accordion albums with the kiddos in g's class for mother's day. he was pretty happy about it.

laura vegas said...

that is so cute of her to say!

i had made this little album for one of my previous daycare girls (after she had left) ... and i guess she took it to school to show her friends. everyone thought it was so cool and kept asking her who made it for her. she told everyone that "laura did ... she's a famous scrapbooker you know"! i thought it was so funny!