Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farewell Dinner

Yesterday we went up to my Uncle Gino's house for a farewell dinner for my Uncle John. He's going back to Italy today. Last night's gathering was on the small side. My mom, my family, my sister Marie & her family & my sister Chet along with my Aunt & Uncle. Believe it or not at 13 people it's considered a small gathering. You couldn't tell by the amount of food though!!
We got there early & I got Chet to take this of me & Joe. The lighting was perfect! If my B-I-L Danny wasn't in the back this would be GREAT! Still one of my favorites though & can't wait to scrap it. Someday I'll learn Photoshop!!
These are my girls in the rabbit hutch. Kinda like them locked in a cage! LOL!! JUST KIDDING!! They LOVED playing with the bunnies & would stay there all day if they could.

The hit of the night was my uncle Gino's Quad. He took the kids all through the woods racing around the lake. They LOVED it! All you heard was "MORE!" "AGAIN!!" "FASTER!!!"
Here are my two uncles. They are 2 out of 4 brothers. My dad was the oldest. He would've LOVED being there last night with his bitter sweet.

Bon Voyage Zio!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

good pics! that's definitely a large gathering in my book!

laura vegas said...

fun photos! i was thinking maybe i could photoshop out the dude for you .. but all that greenery would make it a little challenging. lol! i have been able to photoshop out people though ... it's a fun trick to learn!

Rosalynn said...

Love the pics!!! What part of Italy is your family from?