Saturday, May 3, 2008

Halloween Mini-Album

I know, I know it's May not October. I know it's nowhere near Halloween. I know I'm in the middle of doing the Disney albums for the girls but I didn't want to get burned out on Disney like I sort of did with the last set of albums **GASP**!

The reason I did Halloween? When I was packing for the April trip I wanted to bring some scrap stuff to play with when everyone's asleep. I started packing up a little "kit" figuring a mini-album would be easy, but got overwhelmed trying to narrow down what to take. That is one reason why I don't go to crops--I like having it all with me & can't plan ahead! Besides I needed the extra room in the suitcase!!

When I got home the box of supplies was calling my name--well actually I kept knocking it over. So I decided to get creative hoping it wouldn't take me too long. I think it went faster than the Valentine mini album I made, since I knew what to expect. ANY-WHOO, I'm done! Just in time for National Scrapbooking Day! I didn't plan that it just happened--swear!
Found this at Target in the $1 spot, a plain 'ole deck of cards shaped like Candy Corn. Cute huh?

I dressed up the flip side to each card since they looked a little boring to me. Not the clearest pic but you get the pic right?
Again not the best pic. Was fun going through old pics & seeing the girls through the years & how much they changed.
Gianna was Cinderella obsessed for a while & kept wanting to be her for Halloween. OK with me--the costume still fit!!
Finally this year Gianna wanted to be Princess Aurora. Think she realizes that it's ok to be different. Either that or she feels she's got to follow in Marissa's shoes since that was Marissa's costume when she was 3. **SIGH**

Had fun making this. Used up some stash, ok a lot of stash but magically still have LOTS MORE! I'm happy to say that I didn't use a full sheet of cardstock at all! I used a bunch of my cardstock scraps & when I got done purged more (see Laura I can let go!) LOL!!


Susan said...

okay, this totally rocks!!! i missed out on those cards. i have the valentines ones (heart shaped?) and monkey ones...i think one other that i bought just to do a mini-have i done it yet?? nope! good stuff.

Heather Marie said...

Happy NSD! Love that album. So good. :)

Val gal said...

your mini book is adorable, and your blog is just darling!!

laura vegas said...

sara, my friend ... this album is the coolest thing!!! freaking adorable! i have really gotten away from doing mini albums lately ... and that would have taken me forever. but you have so many fun goodies on there ... and i love how chunky and fun it looks! a great idea too ... having pics of the girls in all their costumes every year. love it!