Friday, May 2, 2008

Who made up that shopping list anyway??

Went to make myself a PB & J sandwich this afternoon & I was out of jelly. No, I had plenty of grape & strawberry jelly but it's not the kind I like with my peanut butter. My favorite--Apricot. Yeah I know it's unconventional but it's what I like. **SIGH**

The sad part is I went food shopping Wednesday, that means I will have an unfulfilled urge for a week since I refuse to go out just for jelly. **SIGH**

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laura vegas said...

i skipped having ice cream for 2 nights in a row. so all i wanted last night was my ice cream ... french vanilla with chocolate syrup and tons of chopped nuts. you should have seen me when i opened the cabinet and realized we had NO chopped nuts. lol! and i'm the only one that even eats them. i always have a few cans of them. seriously ... that bowl of ice cream just sucked. lol!