Saturday, May 17, 2008

Party Time

Today was Miss Marissa's birthday party with her friends from school.

I promised her if it didn't rain I'd curl her hair like I did last year (which she loved) & it turned out to be a beautiful day for a beautiful girl!

When Joe first got a look of Marissa with her hair all done, he just melted. I wish I had my camera on me when I saw the look on his face! He just adores his girls.

I was going for the whole "natural light" effect here but I'm not crazy with it. I think this came out a little dark.

The main activity at the party was each kid got a chocolate pop to deorate with melted colored chocolate & assort sprinkles & candies. I didn't know when I booked the party that these pops would be so HUGE (it could very easily have been their party favors instead of the goody bags). The pops were so HUGE they weighed in at 1 lbs. each! Can you hear the cavities forming on their teeth??
So grown up looking. She'll be officially 7 tomorrow. That just blows my mind.
The sugar had taken effect & the girls' eyes are glazed over. Gianna fights it with more candy!!

Her friends got her a lot of neat gifts which she loved (of course). She got 4 more Webkinz which she was sooooo excited about. Her cousin Nikki got her a scooter for her American Girl Doll which was probably the best present of all. She's one lucky little girl.

Tomorrow she wants to go play mini-golf at this indoor place that's all black lit. It's a monster themed place which would be a great birthday place for boys. Afterwards we're going to my sister Marie's house for a family reunion to visit with my Uncle John who's visiting from Italy. Luckily Marissa's happy about spending time with all her extended cousins. I was afraid of it taking away from Marissa's birthday but she's ok with it which makes me feel better.

She's been saying things like "I can't clear the table, it's my birthday" She really knows how to work that in her favor! She's just lucky. I hope she remember's that when it's my birthday....


laura vegas said...

how cute does she look?!?! love the curls ... she's a gorgeous girl! sounds like a fun party too ... although a pound of chocolate is nothing to me. lol! my younger one is turning 9 in a few weeks ... amazing how fast they grow up!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i feel sick to my stomach just thinking about all those sweets...however K would be in heaven for sure!

they look so pretty. glad that she had fun.