Friday, May 16, 2008

Goody Goody

Tomorrow is Marissa's birthday party with her friends from school. We're having it at this ice cream/candy shop, & the kids are going to decorate their own candy pops & play candy games like guess the flavor jelly bean & karaoke. They're going to have so much fun! It's a really cute place...I say that since we had Marissa's party there last year.

Since the theme is "Candy" (& I like themes) I filled the goody bags with........CANDY!! I also found these cute M & M notepads in the $1 spot at Michael's to tie in with the theme. Joe got me some "Little Kins" Webkins that he fills the cranes with for the theaters & when we put them together they made a goody bag that will make any kid smile!

I was going to take a marker & write each kids name on the bag & make it look pretty when I had another "A-HA"moment. I realized I had a lot of OLD scrap paper with a candy theme & thought I can dress up the bags & tie it into the candy theme! I kept it simple but think they came out cute.

I got Marissa's stamp of approval & even impressed Joe. He says I should go into business making goody bags (we have seen them advertised believe it or not -- there is a market).

I think he just wants to put me to work.....


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

they are too cute! and yes, there is a know since you have so much time on your hands;0)-there are those mothers who don't. i've seen them advertised on craigslist. not EVERYBODY is creative and/or scrappy and might would pay a decent price to turn a profit on something like that. i'm just saying. i think they are fab!! and that candy-YUMMY! i wouldn't share it with the kids, though. have fun tomorrow!

laura vegas said...

these are so cute sara! and i totally believe that there is a market for that kind of thing. some people just don't have the creative juices for that sort of thing ... and are more than willing to pay those of us that do. lol!