Saturday, May 3, 2008

Head's Up!

Since my last post was pretty lame --yes I admit it. I want to give everyone (the 3-4 people that actually read my blog) a little head's up that I will be posting some scrappy stuff here later. I say later because.......

#1. It's 1:50 AM.
#2. I have to take pics of it.
#3. I'm tired.
#4. It's "National Scrapbook Day" (No, I did not plan this, I swear!)
#5. It's now 1:51 AM.

Now off to bed with you!! And don't forget to brush your teeth!

1 comment:

laura vegas said...

we're all entitled to a lame post every now and then (see my post from today and you'll see what i mean. lol!).

that came out wrong ... i wasn't agreeing that it was a lame post at all. lol! it's little things like that post about jelly that are super funny to look back on!