Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cutie Patootie

Today I got to get my baby fix! My girlfriend Patrizia came over today to visit with her little sweetie pie Sabrina. I just could not put her down! She's got this amazing amount of hair that's so silky smooth. Love her to bits! When I see babies this little it almost makes me want another. I said ALMOST!!!! LOL!! It was so good to sit & play with a baby while having adult conversation.

As for scrapping, I forced myself to play with some patterned paper trying to pick one to go with a pic. I found a LO that inspired me in "Page Maps" by Becky Fleck. I'm not following the sketch exactly but I'm playing around with some ideas so I'm happy. At least it's better than the block that's been plaguing me!


laura vegas said...

she's adorable! love the hair ... i think babies are so cute with a ton of hair on their heads! good luck scrapping!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i can not believe all that hair! please, tell me that she's got a bald spot going on...well, actually i hope that she doesn't because her hair is beautiful, but you kwim...;0)