Monday, December 31, 2007

Lazy Winter Break

I have to admit I have been very lazy this week. The girls have been off from school, Christmas is over & I haven't felt like doing a THING! I haven't felt like blogging although I have been keeping up on my favorite blogs--of course! I haven't scrapped & haven't felt the urge to either which is weird. I blame that on 2Pea's changing their site AGAIN & now I lost practically everything that was in my BOS (favorite layouts for you non-scrappy people). I have been creating though. I finished my button tree (pic to follow later) & started another one that I'm practically done with & I'm hoping to start another one too! This way I'll be ready for Christmas next year!!

Another thing I've been doing that's been keeping me from scrapping is I've gotten hooked on reading the "Harry Potter" books. I never thought I'd be into them but I've seen some of the movies & the special effects were enough to make me want to read the books. My only problem is I've been getting the books from my favorite B-I-L & he doles out the books one at a time thinking it'll take me a long time to read them! Boy is he WRONG!! So now I have to hit him up for the next book & hear him complain to me that I bug him. Can't wait to finish the series because then I'm off to Barnes & Nobles to buy the Stephanie Meyer "Twilight" series. I gave out some not-so-subtle hints for Christmas but it must've been too late! And you can bet that I will be handing them out to my favorite B-I-L ONE AT A TIME!!


Crystal said...

Check it out...I got my BOS back. You'll have to look and see if yours is back too. All the things I saved are under the unfiled category, actually I just looked again and everything is back. See if yours is back too. I guess enough people complained about it that they fixed it. I'm so excited because I had a lot of things in there.

laura vegas said...

i have had a hard time getting motivated this past week too! but the kids go back to school on wednesday (after being off for 6 weeks!) ... so i'm hopeing to get back into my regular routine which should help! can't wait to see your button trees!