Tuesday, December 18, 2007

NOW I'm REALLY done...

I went out today to return a few things & came back with LOTS of bags full of STUFF!! I could have SWORN I was DONE shopping!! NOW I've got even MORE things to wrap! Crap! I had to buy a frame for a gift for my F-I-L but when I went to put the pics in it I realized I bought the wrong size frame...CRAP! NOW I need to go back out there again...BUT I'm gonna have will power this time...partially due to spending all my money today!!

Tonight was Joe's company X-Mas party....at Hooter's. Why Hooter's you ask? Well being that he owns the company & he likes hot wings & there are no female employees--they have it at Hooter's! And not for nothing but I like hot wings too & we as a family actually go there for dinner...please don't judge...it's a night without cooking for me!!

So I took advantage of this hubby free night & put the girls to bed early & barricaded myself in our bedroom. I spent my time going through my purchases & started wrapping them. The reason for the barricading? Let me put it this way...the back of our house has lots of windows & they don't have any blinds or window treatments on them because it would take away the look of the windows. So that means when Joe's not home I get spooked TOO easily & hightail my butt upstairs. This way I don't get freaked out everytime some animal trips the motion sensor lights that are all over the back of the house. I'm a big chicken...but I'm not on the Hooter's menu!!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

yea, my husband has their "business" luncheons sometimes @ hooters, sure they go for the wings;0)