Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

The start of a new year...don't you just love it when something is brand spanking new? I hope to have lots more fun with my family this year. I would like to finish more scrapbooks.
Wishing everyone a wonderful & healthy

Happy New Year!

Last night wasn't a crazy party filled night for us. We have kids. Joe worked all day so I made a nice end-of-the-year dinner of London Broil with potatoes & it was great (the meal was great too). After dinner we did our own thing for a little while then we settled in to watch "Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix". I figured since I finished that book we could now watch the movie I gave Joe for Christmas--well planned no??

The girls were doing their own thing for awhile. Marissa got a "Webkins" dog for Christmas (finally) & she likes to go online & take care of her dog. Gianna just likes playing on Nick Jr so she was occupied for awhile too. Joe fell asleep early on in the movie so I sat peacefully watching the movie until the girls got bored & snuggled with us on the couch. Marissa was still wide eyed & bushy tailed & was excited to be able to stay up & celebrate New Year's but I could tell Gianna would crash soon. I was right too--she finally settled down in my arms & went right out. She amazes me with her ability to fall asleep so fast, she's just like Joe when it comes to that. It's like turning out the lights.

About 10 minutes before the ball dropped Marissa woke Joe up & we paused Harry Potter. I explained to her about the ball dropping down & people counting down the last 10 seconds & she couldn't wait! Wish I had her energy! So with Gianna sleeping peacefully in my arms we rang in the new year, watched the last 5 minutes of Harry Potter....and went to bed. Exciting life we have huh??

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