Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas trees to button up....

Only 7 more days until CHRISTMAS EVE!!! I feel like I've got a lot done BUT I always seem to fall behind. So until every present is wrapped & I can sleep on Christmas Eve I'm keeping my fingers crossed & my big mouth SHUT!

I got some wrapping done today which I feel good about but I got sidetracked tonight after putting the girls to bed. I have been wanting to make these button trees I saw on Ali Edwards' blog & 2 Peas. They are so cute & I figure I can do this a lot better than the paper trees I attempted last year. I had ordered a bunch of buttons & today got the remainder of my order BUT I think I under bought so I placed ANOTHER order just now for MORE buttons. WHAT is WRONG with ME!??!?!?! I should really just finish the layout that's been waiting to be stuck together since THANKSGIVING & put that to bed before starting something else! It's the last birthday layout for Gianna's album & I can move on to another topic...say like CHRISTMAS!!

Over the weekend we had a Christmas party at another neighbor's house. We got my sister to come watch the girls early so we could go out to dinner first. We went to Chili's which was nice (& close). Then went to the party. We had intended to be home around 10pm due to the impending Nor'easter that was threatening the area BUT we were having a good time chatting & let's face it gossiping that the time got away from us. We had to get 2 phone calls from my sister telling us she wanted to leave, it's not her fault exactly but my mom had decided to come with her & didn't know that we would be out until late. So we got home around 1am & they bolted for the car. I can't blame them it was sleeting/hailing (don't see much of a difference!)

I was pretty buzzed from all the wine that was forced on me **wink**!! It's weird...after 33 years of being Italian BORN on the other side I'm FINALLY accuiring a taste for wine! Kinda funny if you know dislike of cheese & Italian meats like salami & stuff...I'm the most un-Italian Italian EVER! Maybe in another 33+ years I'll acquire a taste for something like cheese, but then again let's not get wild & crazy we're gonna take this nice & slow--REAL slow!! LOL!!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i don't even want to think about santa coming that soon!! ugh! and i'm not a wine fan at all...i'm not italian though either. =0)