Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Review

After many sleepless nights to get all the wrapping done (even though I still had a little left to do) Christmas Eve was here!

My sister Chet took this pic of the girls at the beginning of the night. See how nice & pretty they posed for their aunt? Don't they look so sweet & innocent? Well they sorta do anyway!

Our tradition is Christmas Eve at our house. We exchange gifts with the kids & the grown ups do a Secret Santa. We open all the presents oooh & ahh over them. Soothe the kids that are upset because they got clothes instead of toys. Then after everyone leaves we stuff our gifts for the girls (& each other)under the tree from us & Santa & wait for morning.

Since we had to wait for the guys' movie to end to open presents we were trying to keep the kids occupied. After getting them to do some crafts we made 'em pose for pics. They came up with this on their own! Marissa is at the top then it's my niece Nikki, & Gianna has her head on my nephew Michael. My other nephew Tyler wasn't in the pic taking mood so he wasn't at the bottom of the totem pole.... Christmas morning!! Marissa woke me up at 9am & asked if she could go downstairs to open presents. Too cute that she still ASKS! They were so excited to open their presents!! Yes we went a little overboard & got them EVERYTHING!!

Here's our happy little family later at my sister Marie's house. I was SO tired after so many days of running around on little sleep that I took a nap on the couch after dinner. I would REALLY like to have it all done sooner so I could enjoy Christmas more. That might be my resolution for the new year...stop procrastinating & GET IT DONE!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love their pjs...i've wanted to do that EVERY year and have yet to do it. and, yea, i gave up on the theory of having it done before christmas eve. have a good new years!