Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Almost Done!!

It's been awhile since my last post! Gotta tell ya I've been a busy gal! I've been DECORATING the house! One of my most favorite things to do (although this year not so much). The tree went up with all the lights working & with not much stress on my part as that is the job I like THE LEAST! It's now FULL of my favorite ornaments with not much room for anthing else! Most of the ornaments are from Disney and they have meaning to me. Over the weekend I attempted to take pics of the girls for the Christmas cards out of 77 pics this was the best...

I'm not thrilled with it...it's a little dark towards the top. I tried lightening it up but the colors look un natural. Guess we'll have to do a re-take!

Tonight we put the girls' trees in their rooms. They each have a little tabletop tree that has (mostly) non-breakable ornaments on it. I let them put the ornaments on themselves (with a little tweaking from me) & they had fun.

I'm hosting a family Christmas get together this Fri. We get together with my cousins & their kids & do a secret santa for the kids. It's a night to see each other & have fun. We switch hosting duties so it doesn't fall on the same person every year & this year was my turn. So I've got to get a move on & finish up the little decorating I have left! I'm ALMOST DONE!! WOO-HOO!!

I went out today despite feeling crappy (I woke up yesterday with a head cold/sinus infection) & did a little retail therapy & I've got to say it did WONDERS for my tired aching body! I'm ALMOST DONE with my Christmas shopping!! I'll know better after this weekend when I go through all the bags that have been accumulating in my bedroom. The presents I've been dreading to get the most are for the teachers! I never know what to get them! This year I think there are a lot more teachers to get for because Gianna has some teachers that rotate shifts **SIGH**. I'm thinking gift cards for those teachers but I'd like to make something even though I know cash would be better appreciated.

There you have it-my reasons for being a bad blogger....but I'm ALMOST DONE & will be back to a semi normal state of normal-ness!! Yeah ya know what I mean!!

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Anonymous said...

The girls look so cute. I'll have to post pics of my kids that I took for the Christmas card and I didn't even use them. I used a picture from Disney World. Your decorations look so cute. All your Disney stuff looks great. I just started a Disney tree. I got a few ornaments while we were there and got a few more from ebay. Then I made some using scrapbook embellishments. Good luck with the rest of your shopping. I enjoy reading your blog. It's great to know there are other people out there who love Disney as much as I do and who love their kids as much as I do. Thanks again for the scrapbook paper!