Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Cookies

I'm done with my baking!! In record time too! I made 6 varities of cookies in only 3 days!! WOO-HOO!! I was a whirlwind of flour, sugar & BUTTAH!!

Made 8 batches of Chocolate Chip. Each batch makes 4 1/2 dozen cookies which means there are.....A LOT of cookies!!

These are Honey Sand Balls. I made 5 batches of these. Each batch makes 3 dozen cookies. There was powered sugar flying EVERYWHERE!! They're Joe's FAVORITE cookie but since they are the most time consuming I only make them once a year...unless I need some FAVORS **wink**!!!
These tropical beauties are Coconut Macadamia nut cookies. They're made with coconut & macadamias--in case you're in cookie overload right now. Made 3 batches of these. Each batch yields 5 doz. cookies approx. Did I mention they're made with coconut & macadamia nuts?? No really they are!!
Here are some awfully RED Spritz cookies. They're not awful--just SUPER RED! I squeezed 2 batches of these suckers out of a press hurting my delicate hands (that's sarcasm people!!) & the girls flung sprinkles ALL over them! Literaly. Don't ask me how many cookies each batch makes because it's just too darn many to count since I can fit LOADS of them on a cookie sheet!!

More Spritz cookies...the only difference with these & the red ones are (do I REALLY have to say it?) these are GREEN!! Oh and a LITTLE overbaked...but don't go telling people a'right? I made 2 batches of these too but had to fling the sprinkles on myself because the girls DITCHED me to go & shovel the snow with Daddy. Where's the love...and the free labor???

Then I made these little pretties just for giggles. Well no actually because I'm crazy & signed up for cookie duty for Gianna's school party. Did I mention that I'm crazy?? I'm a crazy-cookie-baking-giggling-machine!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

wow!!!!! i wish i had the energy...i'm supposed to do popcorn for ds's class and i WAS thinking popcorn balls, but NOW i'm thinking just popcorn;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my word! You have been a baking machine, woman! That is a ton of cookies. I've abandoned my candy/chocolate making duties this year to make crafy things. I almost wish I hadn't started making crafty things because now people expect them.