Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm a winner!

Today was another crazy day full of running around. So crazy in fact that at 11:30am I get a call from Marissa's school. It went something like this.....

School--"This is Marissa's school. She's standing here with her lunchbox but it only has a bottle of water & some pretzels in it."

Me-- "Oh my gosh (as I suck in a huge amount of oxygen & slap my forehead)!!!!! I forgot to tell her she was supposed to buy lunch today AND give her money!!! I can't believe I did that!! (yes I can)"

School--"Ok don't worry we understand. You're not a terrible parent. It's understandable this time of year & we'll make sure she gets something to eat."

Me--"Thank you so much!!!"

There I go again, just call me "Mother of the Year"!!! So later on I was due to go into her school for her class party & was expecting a "Mom how could YOU!?!" attitude from her but she smiled & laughed it off. WHEW! I truly felt terrible!!! Despite that we had a good time at the party & we even went out to eat tonight so everyone was happy.

When I got home I couldn't resist getting my email & blogs & found that I had won a RAK from Heather at Scrapbook Bakery on her blog Icing on the cake !! How terrifically COOL is THAT?!?! I've never won ANY sort of contest whatsoever! It was THE perfect ending to my day! Totally reversed my mood!! I had found her blog through my idol Laura's blog & SERIOUSLY demand that you all check her out!!! If not I will have to send you off to school with only some bread & water & make you suffer like I do my children! lol!!!


Heather Marie said...

Thanks for the sweet post! Love your layouts. :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said... to check off those i need more to read...