Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lovin' my hubby

I just want to gush about Joe right now. He knows I still have a TON of wrapping to do & has offered to keep the girls out of my hair today after he gets home from work. Not only THAT he offered to go do some food shopping (on his way home) that I couldn't do in advance for Christmas Eve that we're having at our house. Not only THAT he just took Marissa (Gianna didn't want to go) & went to BJ's for me with a pretty long list. He just ROCKS!!! I have THE BESTEST hubby!! Totally LOVE that man!! That's what I call romance! hehe!!


Anonymous said...

What a great guy! The holidays really bring out the best in them!
P.S. I just looked in my BOS on 2peas and all mine has in it is my favorite members and I've lost everything that I saved from the gallery. Why can't they just leave things alone?

{Susan...Seriously.} said...