Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another round of "Catch Up"

In case you have nothing better to do, here are the "catch-up"posts that I finally got to....

7-24-09 Vacation Albums

7-20-09 Slip n Slide

7-13-09 How to Keep the Kids Happy

7-12-09 Pool Time

7-11-09 The Jumpy Place

7-4-09 4th of July

6-27-09 My Cousin's Wedding

6-26-09 Not so Spring Cleaning

6-25-09 Earrings

6-19-09 Carnival

6-14-09 Street Fair

1 comment:

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i was gonna say that you are killing me with all your back posts!! =0) i pull up blogs on the blogger dashboard and usually just click on the name of your blog *& that way it brings up the whole blog instead of just that 1 post, because I'm usually playing catch up, too. this makes it easier! looks like you are having a great summer!! it's flying by girl!!