Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pool Time

This Summer hasn't been much of a Summer but today was one of the warmer days & we hit my sister Marie's pool. The water was on the cool side but everyone managed to have fun. Gianna sat in her usual spot (she hasn't changed much since last year).
My neice Nikki riding this "wave runner". Didn't go very fast at all, but the kids had fun on it. Marissa loves to jump in the water over & over again. My nephew Tyler can now swim in the "deep end"...awesome!
Nikki really turned into a mermaid this year & was all over the pool.

Gianna got a ride from my brother-in-law Danny. We all pretty much floated on those noodles all day long...

After shivering from the cold Gianna caved & got out but she would not give up that water shooter! I have got to find one (or 2) for the girls. Checked in Toys R Us, Target & Walmart...might need to wait till next year...SIGH!!Eventually we convinced the kids to get out of the pool & despite their saying they weren't cold we won. Marissa bundled herself up as best she could & then I turned her into a "mummy". The younger two dried off & played "rock paper scissors". They just look so cute to me here & tiny. Gianna told us that her & Tyler are both 5...turns out she was right since Tyler doesn't turn 6 until Sept. She loved that someone was her "size"!

These two were a riot. I couldn't get Nikki to make a serious face & the sillier she got the more Marissa laughed. After they all dried off my sister brought out stuff to make "S'mores" & we all got gooey.Good Summer fun!!

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