Monday, July 20, 2009

Slip n Slide (aka Shiver n Sneeze)

Marissa had her BFF Ariel over today. I had just bought a Slip n Slide & despite the weather being overcast & not that warm, I set it up for the girls.
I warned them the water would be cold but there was no stopping them.
They had this funny habit to hold their breathes while running through the water. See the cheeks?? LOL!! And you can tell by the look on her face it was COLD!!

Ariel was the bravest & went through over & over & over!! She was a trooper. I'm sure by now she has a cold too.Gianna sort of ran through but gave up & rolled over by the edge & continued to roll just cause it annoyed the girls (Ariel's trying to rush her through) LOL!Marissa in one of her giggle fits. Love the look on her face!Gianna looking so innocent despite the evidence of the flower I told her not to pick! She listens well. After taking that pic something flew by me & caught my attention. I first thought it was 2 bees stuck together somehow ***wink wink*** but it was a Hummingbird!!

Cool huh?? Not the clearest pics of it but if you play a little "Where's Waldo" you can spot it.

The girls finally decided they were done with the water & played together on the slide.

They all play so nice together. It was a cool afternoon... literally!!

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laura vegas said...

the water can never be TOO cold for slip-n-slide action. lol! they look like they had a blast.