Friday, June 26, 2009

Not so Spring Cleaning

Ever tell your kids to clean their rooms? Do you have to stay with them & direct them in how you want it cleaned?

Apparently I do.

I sent the girls to do this thankless chore while I did some other cleaning. I asked Marissa to go through some of her things & make a pile of things she didn't want anymore since her room was the worst. Gianna needed to clear the dolls off her floor.

After awhile I went to see the results....wonder what I found??

I found them playing.

Gianna was playing with her dolls that I had asked to be picked up.

And Marissa was playing with some things she found & had forgotton about...

She found this kooky knit hat & topped it with an old New Year's tiara, finishing off her ensemble with these lacy pink gloves.

Yeah, apparently I need to clean out their rooms more myself....

1 comment:

laura vegas said...

your girlie sounds a lot like sarah ... she's always dressing up like this in weird combos. lol!