Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation Albums

Awhile back on Laura's blog she had the awesome idea to put together a "Vacation Album". It made me think about all our Disney trips that I haven't scrapped & at the rate I'm going I'll never get to.

So after thinking about it I decided to take all our Disney trips & put them in pocket pages in American Crafts Linen albums grouped by trip.

I got to use a lot of my old stash that I've been hording & at this point couldn't possibly use it all without things looking the same.

Title pageUsed 1st pocket to "date" the trip. I took older papers I had & trimmed them down to 4x6 to use as "filler" pages & use for some simple journaling.I'd also make a simple title "page" to show which park we were at.For some of our pics we bought at the park I included with various sized page protectors. This was 8x8 & I just backed it with some patterned paper I had stashed.Used some American Crafts "mumbo jumbo" alpha stickers as a simple title page on the back...Since we went twice in 1996 I made another title page using different paper I had bought at Disney that I never knew how to use....This was the trip that Joe asked me to marry him...This tells the story of how he proposed.....8x10 pic from the hair was pretty high looking at this now.....That's Joe & I in the last row....I'm screaming the whole way down.....Some pics were processed 3 1/2x5 so I just backed it with some patterned papers...think I'll keep it to black cardstock in the future....That 1st album holds 5 trips to Disney. I'm happy with this set-up & like having them all together. If I feel there's a pic that "needs" to be scrapped then I will but I won't be doing anymore "dedicated" scrapped Disney albums....I still have to finish our 2007 trip!!

So now I'm up to 3 albums & can easily fill more!!
I will eventually do this for our other trips when I'm caught up with these. The 2nd 2 albums still need the journaling on various insert cards but I figure I can easily do those over time. So once again I have Laura to thank for this fantastic idea!!
I feel the pressure off my shoulders!!


Carla said...

wow Sara!!! You did a ton of work on this! Your albums are so organized and it seems like a nice way to flip through.

laura vegas said...

wow, this is amazing sara! i knew you've been working on this ... but didn't realize how much you were getting done. lol! i just love how you have all this put together ... and mixing in the different size pages and photos. i bet this feels so good to have done and put away. and if you want to scrap some of the pics later, you know just where to find them. i really am honored that you liked some of my ideas, and were able to use them for your own memories! puts a big smile on my face :)

and btw ... i think we had a lot of the same hairstyles "back in the day". lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

AWESOME!! i'm totally thinking i should do this! i took a lot of pics this last trip and the time before and most of them NOT really frame-able, if you know what i mean. i wanna scrap them because "they tell the story" though. hmmm...maybe 1 day in the near future, i'll think about this. but i need to catch up with the 365.

jediflame said...

Wow, those look great!! And what a great way to get all those photos into scrapbooks. Aren't divided page protectors the greatest?

Awesome job!

Deneen said...

Sara, Great job I have also been thinking of using Laura's idea to do a Disney Vacation album but now I may have to take your idea of using Mickey heads on the tags love it!