Monday, July 13, 2009

How to Make Kids Happy

After the busy weekend the girls were restless & had no plans of taking it easy today. I first dragged them to Michael's & found these small 4x4?? printed canvases. I picked out 4 of them thinking I could save them for a rainy day. Little did I know to the girls this meant when we got home!

I gathered all the supplies we'd need & took the girls outside. I set them up with paint, brushes, & water & let them at it.

Gianna with her "Castle"

Her Butterfly

Marissa with her wand....she chose to save her other one for another day.

While the masterpieces dried they went on the swings, while I cleaned up. Then I heard....
"Now what do we do Mom??"

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laura vegas said...

what a fun idea! i think i saw those canvases at michaels. love how proud they look holding their masterpieces!