Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ikea Run

Yesterday we didn't have any plans but Joe stayed home to make up for all the long days he's been putting in. He knows how I've been wanting to go to Ikea for those Expedit bookshelves for the Den & the girls rooms. I think he got sick of me saying what a mess the girls' rooms were & said we could take a ride to Ikea to pick some up.

I jumped on that!

We measured the girls rooms real quick deciding where they would go but that turned into some furniture re-arrangeing for both rooms & then we left for the store. He put them together right away & the girls & I went to work arrangeing things. Their rooms are roomy now & we're all happy!

Marissa's room BEFORE
Her bed was in the middle of the room...

Marissa's room AFTER....
Gianna's room BEFORE
Her bed was against the outside wall...
We switched her dresser to where her bed was & put the bed where the dresser was on the opposite wall.

The rooms still need to be tweaked a little but overall we all like it so much better!

Today Joe said he measure the Den for another set of the bookshelves & we'll be doing that soon! YEAH!!! Mommy is HAPPY!!!

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Carla said...

I love those bookcases...I didn't know you got the 2x4 ones...never thought of that for my kids rooms. Now I'm thinking I need a big one in my master sitting area...its kinda bare. Now you got my wheels turning...LOL.
And I swear something is wrong with didn't show this post until today!