Sunday, June 14, 2009

Street Fair

Today was the town street fair. The town closes off a section of the main street & local businesses & merchants set up tents to hawk their wares. They have small ride area which draws the girls right away. To the girls delight they even have "pony rides"!!
They have a few ponies set up in the bank's parking lot & you get to go around twice.
Gianna goes first & despite the look on her face she loves it! Marissa goes next...she wasn't into me taking her pic so made this face the whole time....she's gotta look cool! Afterwards the girls went down the air slide.... Then they went on this spinning knock off of the "tea cup" ride....there's an extra girl in there that's not mine, the ride operator stuck another girl in there to make room for more kids.... LOL!

After the rides we took a walk to see everything for sale....we picked up some delicious lemonade & yummy zeppoles. Marissa got a Webkinz & Gianna got a blow-up Dora doll. There wasn't much more to it but we enjoyed ourselves & it was some time together. Good times....

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