Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Girl with the New Earrings

Today Marissa & I hit the mall. I had to get a few things & since Marissa's out of school she's my shopping buddy!!

However she's not totally into the whole "shopping" thing....yet.

She is 8 though so she's getting there. Of course halfway through my "must-shop" stores she's whining about it not being fun---SIGH!!

We were close to a "Claire's Boutique" & I thought she'd might like all the frilly girly stuff. We didn't need to go far before something caught her eye. Right at the entrance to the store she spots all these "dangly" earrings. She's been getting tired of her "everyday" earrings & wanted a change.

She'll be a natural shopper yet!!

We start showing each other some pretty dangling earrings & I tell her to pick something out. Well she is my daughter after all & can not make a decision. Before I knew it she had picked out 6 pkgs of earrings that multple earrings on each pkg!! I try to explain money to her & she starts playing "Let's make a deal". Trying to teach her a lesson I tell her I'll buy them if she pays me back with her own money when we get home. She agrees.

I didn't put much stock in her promise but she shocked me! Promptly when we got home, she disappears in her room & later brings me the exact amount of the bill. WOW!! Not only was I happy that she showed a little responsibility (not the word I'm looking for) but she was happy too!
Now I just need to teach her how to take the earrings in & out!


Carla said...

cute earrings and pic Sara!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

she's looks so happy!! and good for her paying you back. my oldest is that way, but miss k wouldn't even think of it. =0)

laura vegas said...

how cute! sounds like my sarah ... good lord, she's a shopper. but a very indecisive one. but an impulse one too. lol! and she's quite the deal maker ... always trying to find ways to get money out of me. lol!