Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Jumpy Place

Today we had a party for Gianna's birthday with all her friends from school.

Her birthday was June 23rd.

Today is July 11th.

We had a busy June.

Gianna has been to a few friend's parties at this place & forever calls it "the jumpy place". When asked where she wanted her party it was "the jumpy place". To make my girl happy I went & booked "the jumpy place" for her party.

See how happy she is?? She loved this helicopter at the top of the soft play.Marissa had fun too, since she was the oldest kid there & especially once my sister & the kids got there.Gianna running amok with her friends...Hard to take good pics in this place. Between the netting on the soft play & the lighting it was tough.

Here the party host had the kids sit on the mat....had them "take a nap" & then inflated the mat.Then they got to jump "at the jumpy place"!! Everyone had multiple turns to jump.
After the jumpy mat, the host took all the kids for a ride down the zip line. Gianna had fun despite the look on her face.

Marissa showing off....Then everyone all went to the party room for pizza, ice cream sundaes, & CAKE!!

Made this yesterday. Made a bigger version of the cake from her actual birthday, with yellow cake for the bottom layer & chocolate for Tink.Luckily for me the party host offered to take our pic with Gianna. Not the greatest shot in the world but I'll take it.After the party we went home, where Gianna opened all her gifts. Didn't get a single shot of her doing this. Then we all crashed. Apparently watching the kids jump around can wipe a person out! LOL!

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