Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Let's Play!!

Found this on Elizabeth Kartchner's blog...

Here's how to play:
1 Have your camera handy on July 8th-this Wednesday

2 Take a photo of whatever you are doing when your clock says 10:11 am or pm. (we won't worry about timezones)

3 Challenge yourself to think outside of the box in how you take the photo or don't worry about that part and just snap one real quick!

4 Post the photo on your blog or an online gallery. Leave a comment on Elizabeth's Blog linked to your photo and be entered into a giveaway (Yes, share this fun game with your friends on your blog, the more the merrier.)

I love this idea for 365 more than for the giveaway (but there's always a bonus to things)!! More than likely I'll be doing this in the PM since I'm not a morning person.....


Mary said...

Darn - I missed it. What a cool idea. What WAS I doing? Hmmm, I think I was watching America's Got's that for good use of my time?

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i took a pic and never posted...gotta find it!