Sunday, June 8, 2008

Date Night

Yesterday was our "First Date" Anniversary. It was 13 years ago that we had our 1st date. It's mind boggling how fast time flies, because it doesn't feel like Thirteen Years!!

Just for the record, I STILL LOVE HIM!!

We got my sister Chet to come watch the girls & we went to a movie & dinner. It was nice, especially the part about not being interrupted. You know, seeing a movie without taking the kids to the bathroom or eating dinner in peace without taking the kids to the bathroom, or arguing with the kids to eat their dinner, or struggling with the kids to sit in their seats & not bother the people next to us.

Not that that's ever happen to us....I'm just sayin'.

First we went to the movies, after we got our tickets & drinks we walked around looking at the movie posters for the upcoming movies. We rounded a corner & what do I see that totally stopped me in my tracks?

Twilight Movie Film Poster

I wanted Joe to take my pic by it but he wouldn' mean, but I did make him promise to take me to see it no matter what. Seriously, I can't wait!! Only 186 more days till it's out!!

So we went to see "You Don't Mess with the Zohan". Joe & I are big Adam Sandler fans. We like dopey comedy, what can I say? We've seen the trailers for the movie & it looked like it was going to be another funny one. Well it sorta was. I think they went overkill with the movie & tried too hard. Don't get me wrong some of it was funny but could I have waited to see it on DVD? Definately.

We should have gone to see "Sex & the City".

After the movie, we went to Chili's to eat. It was a toss up between there & Outback but I was in the mood for spicy food. I ended up eating way too much!! I also had 2 Strawberry Daquiri's that didn't help the full feeling I had when we left. So good!

My sister was surprised when we got home by 9-ish, so were we -- just call us lame. On the other hand I got to cuddle with Gianna like she did when she was a baby & she fell asleep on my chest. It felt so good!

I'm seriously thinking of keeping her in a bubble so she can't grow up.

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

sounds like a good night...we're lame like that, too. well, he's boring, but...;0)

and why do you think i hold A all the time??? you don't know how disappointed i am that he figured out how to roll from back to front on monday-without much floor time. i want him to stay LITTLE FOREVER=0)