Saturday, June 14, 2008

She's Married!!

My younger sister Rita got married today. I'm not sure I ever expected her to get married but she is now. She had it at this campsite about 2 hours away from where we live--not a fun drive at all (but I have to say the girls behaved really well)! We got there & it was very different than your normal wedding but what do you want at a campsite?

Here she is walking down the aisle with her kids Michael & Destiny (whose on her other side)

She looked beautiful & was so happy.

Nikki & Marissa
The newlyweds, Rita & Johnny, with the rest of my family.
Chet, Johnny, Rita, Marie, my Mom, & me.
Rita & Chet -- they're twins
My mom with all her girls.
Unfortunately, soon after the ceremony it started raining, just drizzling at first but then it started pouring! Joe & my B-I-L Danny were leary of the tent, being that it was thundering & the tent was being held up by aluminum poles & oh yeah we were standing in water. It just wasn't a good day to be electrocuted.
Well needless to say we left as soon as the rain let off a little & the guys were able to run to get the cars. I felt bad leaving that soon, despite our shaky relationship. She should have her family there. At least my sister Chet was still there & they all had a good time I'm sure.
Congratulations Rita & Johnny!

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congrats to your that last pic of you all.