Friday, June 6, 2008

One More Week & the Olympics!

As of today the girls only have 1 more week until SUMMER VACATION!!!! I for one can't wait! For awhile now it's been harder & harder for me to get up in the morning. I need a break! I could have sworn last night was Friday, but it wasn't. I actually went to bed early last night (11pm) but I had a bad night's sleep & woke up with some major back pain. **SIGH**

Marissa had her "Mini-Olympics" today at gymnastics. It was cute they came out in 3 groups each group represented a country (USA, Canada, & France). My pics came out crappy, please don't critizize!

At the end, they each got a gold medal. She was so excited about it! I was so proud of her too.

At home when I ask her what they do she tells me but I don't get a full story. So I was really impressed when I saw her on the un-even bars (they only did the bottom bar--but still) She did flips that I've never seen her do at home but I guess it's easier when you have the soft mats to land on.

I can't seem to finish this one Disney LO that's been sitting on my desk for awhile now. I don't know why. Sometimes I'll sit & move things around on it or I'll add something to it but I'm not feeling it. Go figure.

Last night for our Anniversary, we went out to eat with the girls. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, YUMMMMM. I had the Luau Salad & it was gooooooood! I need to take a pic of it the next time just to show how pretty & appetizing it looks! I wasn't going to have dessert but I figured it was something I could share with the girls & ordered the Strawberry Shortcake. They ate more than I did & they totally swiped all the whipped cream for themselves!! They're just lucky they're CUTE!

Tomorrow night my sister Chet is coming to babysit the girls so Joe & I can celebrate by ourselves & catch a movie. It's also our "1st Date" Anniversary (I know, I know, we're corny), we'll be celebrating our being together for 13 years. Can you believe it? THIRTEEN YEARS!! He was my age when we started dating! Oh wait did I never mention that he's 13 years older than me? Yep he is. When I realized that this will be our 13th year it dawned on me that he was 34 when he first started dating me! Yeah he was totally robbing the cradle!


laura vegas said...

so, he's an older man! very cool though ... i can totally see how happy you two are together and what a great family you have!

and how cute does she look strutting her stuff out there! i thought it was funny that sarah just wrote a report for school and said that one of her favorite sports is gymnastics ... which she has NEVER done. lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love the olympic pics...k wants to get back in gymnastics in the fall...that along with soccer and big bro playing soccer are going to have me running ragged.