Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Birthday Pics

Here are some pics of Gianna on her birthday yesterday. She wanted to wear a dress--of course so I picked out this snazzy number. Figured since we were actually going out she had to look pretty on her birthday. I took her to visit her pre-school to have a little cupcake party with the kids & she had fun....of course! This is her "Popeye" Face where she gets all cheeky instead of smiling pretty. She's still cute so I'll forgive her--how could I not??
Marissa just had to get into the pic. I think she was a bit jealous but that's normal & I'm lovin this shot. It might even be the "thank you" pic that I'll be sending out to people instead.
Another cute shot of them, notice Gianna's big honkin piece of gum?? Yep I wasn't thinking of pics when I told her she could have a piece & she sure wasn't parting with it either.
I just LOVE my girls! Especially when they get along like this! They're being pretty good so far this week.

Yeah I know it's only Tues. so I reserve the right to change my opinion!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love the popeye face...too funny!