Friday, June 13, 2008

School's OUT!!

You know how it goes.....

No more pencils
no more books
no more teachers dirty looks!

Although I can't say that about my girls' teachers....I just like to say it.

Today was Marissa's LAST day of SCHOOL! WOO-HOO!!! No more getting up at the crack of dawn to get ready only to have to do battle with 2 little kids. No more struggling to get homework done before dinner while battling with 2 little kids. No more rushing around from this activity to that activity while doing battle with 2 little kids. Wish I could switch it & just leave out the battling with 2 little kids part!!

I had no idea what to get Marissa's teacher (besides our class gift) so I made this door hanger for her classroom. I made it to match the pencil cup & the baby wipes case. I hope she likes it. I really wanted to repeat this gift for every teacher but since Marissa's Kindergarten teacher moved up to 1st grade I obviously couldn't do it again.

After Marissa got out of school today me & 2 other moms took the kids to Fuddrucker's for lunch as a treat. They had fun & the moms had grown-up time. It was nice, but I don't feel like it'll be relaxing until July.

Tomorrow my sister Rita is getting married. We're not close but I'm going to her wedding as a gesture you could call it. She's getting married at a campsite that's 2 hours away. Let me fill you in on my problems with this.

#1. I don't camp. Ever. I am not a "happy camper". I've never been & I never will. Period. End of discussion.

#2. It's 2 hours away! Oh & did I mention that we'll be driving there with 2 little kids in the car??

#3. I was hoping to leave right after the ceremony BUT it's a 5 minute ceremony!! So we'll have to spend a little time there, to stretch our legs & stuff.

#4. It's 2 hours away!!

Now I've never been to a "campsite wedding" but my sister is wearing a white gown...with flip flops. I saw a pic of her in the dress on my sister Chet's cell phone & it looks pretty but I didn't expect a gown at a campsite wedding. I pictured a sundress of sorts. Go figure. At least I'll be able to dress casual myself so I can be comfy in the car...for the 2 hour drive!!

Next Saturday, we're having family & friends over at the house for a joint birthday party for the girls. My next week is gonna be crazy busy & go so fast! Then the following Saturday is Gianna's school party held at the same candy place Marissa had her party.

This is the last time we do 3 parties like this. Since Gianna's older & understands it all she wants a party like her sister. Too bad we had already told people about the house party. Next year we'll let the girls have their school parties & only have family over for cake & coffee. This is out of control!! So in a way I'm already looking forward to July---but I don't want to rush the summer either!

I'm just ready for those lazy summer days......oh wait I'm a grown-up & those are strictly reserved for kids---what was I thinking??


laura vegas said...

a campsite wedding ... interesting. lol! i grew up camping ... like going across the country, packing up and changing campsites every day. and how sad that i've never taken my girls. lol! i'm not big on the whole camping thing anymore!

and definately not big on a 2 hour drive ... to anywhere. lol! hope you mananged to have a little fun!

Heather Marie said...

love those projects! :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love this!! good stuff!