Sunday, June 1, 2008

June = Happiness!!

Wanna know why June is such a wonderful month?

  • June 1, it's my 200th post on this blog! Guess I babble a lot, huh?!
  • June 5, is our wedding anniversary. We'll be married 9 wonderful years!
  • June 7, is the anniversary of our 1st date. We celebrate it cause we're corny like that! And because without that 1st date we wouldn't be here today.
  • June 12, is Gianna's last day of school!
  • June 13, is Marissa's last day of school!
  • June 15, is Father's Day.
  • June 23, is Gianna's 4th birthday! When did my baby get so big??
I got these pretties Sat. from Joe for "no reason". I say this is a dead giveaway that he was at the florist ordering roses for our Anniversary!!


laura vegas said...

what a fun month! and don't forget me ... my bday is the 12th. lol! we have about 10 birthdays all in june ... including sarah and niko! busy month!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

happy anni!! k will be 4 on the 29th-same as daddy=0)

funny about the flowers! guys are such giveaways sometimes;0)