Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're getting there

So today I got much more accomplished. I got the downstairs all cleaned plus another room upstairs. All I have left to clean are the girls' bedrooms & their bathroom. I have to straighten up the kitchen but since I have baking yet to be done that'll be last.

Tonight after the girls went to bed I put together the goodie bags for the party. I know I'm gonna hear crap about doing it when they weren't here to help. This I'm sure will be mostly Marissa complaining, Gianna of course will just echo her. SEND SOME ADVIL PLEASE!

They had me flipping out a lot again today. Maybe I just feel pressure to get things ready for the party & that's why they're getting under my skin more. I'm just gonna say right now that I'm already looking forward to Monday night!

So that's all for tonight. I know it's a lame post but......I did manage to finish the LO that's been sitting on my desk for weeks! I would put in 5 mins here or there when I could. Now I just need to snap a few pics of it & hopefully share that tomorrow to make up for this boring post. LOL!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

feeling your pain over here, fighting, little dude cutting another tooth (?), and me HAVING to clean...ugh!