Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Countdown to Summer

So the girls have less than 2 weeks left of school. I'm having mixed emotions. Yesterday Marissa came out of school saying how they have no more spelling tests & no more homework. On one hand I'm freakin' estatic that I don't have to fight with her to get her homework done. Yet on the other hand I'm thinking--they stopped giving out homework this early?? Is it me or do I just not remember how it was when I was in elementary school? I think the whole "not having to fight over homework" beats it all. Can I just say.....WOO-HOO!!!

I'm looking forward to the days of staying up late & not having to be "on-time" in the mornings...sorta like when I was in school myself!! It'll be nice to have the girls home...or will it? LOL!! Yesterday was a treat without that homework looming over our heads. The girls were behaved & dare I say?---quiet! Today was sort of the same & it was NICE!


On another note.....Tonight Joe took us out to eat at Fuddrucker's. The girls have been dying to go & Joe, of course, caved. I was driving & we were talking about the day when all of a sudden I see something in the road & he tells me to watch out. It was a bunny. And I was too late. I ran the poor thing over. I seriously think this is the first time that I've ever done that & I was sickened. He, of course, critizes me, and mocks me & terrorizes me the whole ride there. On the way home he starts up again. Just like a little 5 year old boy would.

I had basically forgotton about it for the time being when he sees me blogging. This is our conversation.....

Joe -What are you doing?

Me - Blogging.

J- About what?

Me - Marissa & school...not having homework....

J - Do you blog about when you get mad?

M- Yep I have it labeled under "venting".

J - So you blog about everything on there?

M- Yeah, why not? It's like a journal.

J - Everything???? (said with a devilish smile on his face)

the lightbulb goes on & I realize what he means

M - You're horrible!! Thanks for reminding me...I'll add that in too...you know to confess my sins.

And to think at this time 9 years ago I was getting ready to marry the man......

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...


i'm thinking the same thing-can't wait to NOT have to hurry to get out the door in the am...that's our battle...g rather play than get ready...but do i want to listen to them fight all day...catch 22

i've never hit a bunny, but have hit a bird or a bird hit me and a squirrel or two...and i ran over a dog in hs, down the street from my house...totally freaked me out-it was nighttime and looked like a dark spot in the road...worst of all i thought it was MY dog at first...tell joe thanks for reminding me }:/