Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Vacation-1st Official Day

Long story short--my Mom came over last night & slept over so she could spend some time with the girls.

We got up & I made pancakes for breakfast. Then the girls talked my mom into making pizza with them. It really doesn't take much to talk my mom into making pizza, but the girls have so much fun with her kneading the dough & of course she has a blast playing with them.

Afterwards we spotted a rabbit in our backyard & my mom ever so Sicilian, wanted to try to catch it, joking that she'd cook it for dinner. I warned her not to say that in English so the girls would understand her because she wasn't entirely joking. Not to gross anyone out but it's a common Italian thing to eat. Disclaimer: I want to state here & now that I absolutely refuse to eat it & don't think I've ever knowingly ate it. Luckily she didn't catch it but she did put in quite a show for the girls & they were laughing at "The Great Rabbit Catcher".

Later the girls wanted to show Nona how well they rode their bikes but somehow that turned into playing ball. They ended up playing basketball in the garage because it was too hot (not really) to shoot hoops in the driveway where the net is--go figure. My mom impressed Marissa with her dribbling skills--which I never knew she had. Don't remember her doing that with us growing up! LOL!

I ended up driving her home earlier than we anticipated because we were due to get a severe thunderstorm & I didn't want to get stuck in traffic in a storm with the girls. Call me chicken.

So all in all, we had a good day. The girls were pretty well behaved for the most part & it was nice having my mom here. I didn't get much done today in preparation for Sat.'s party but it was a good kickoff to summer.


laura vegas said...

rabbit?!?! i like that you said you'd never "knowingly eaten rabbit" ... you know how moms sneak stuff in when we're not looking. lol!

glad you and the girls had a great day hanging out with your mom!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

all i can think about is the scene from fatal attraction where the rabbit is boiling...eek!

but i admit i've had rabbit...among other things-including kangaroo...