Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Thursday-ness

I have a bunch of random thoughts rambling around my brain that I want to get out.

--I've been trying to create a photo header. Like everything else about blogging it's taking me awhile to mess with it until I realize what I'm doing wrong. So far I haven't had that "a-ha" moment where the light bulb goes on over my head. I came across some pretty good directions on Lindsey Teague's blog, but I just think my mind is on overload at the moment so I gave up for tonight.

--It's amazing that I still don't know how to play with Photoshop -- despite the How to for Dummies guide I asked for & got for Christmas -- but I guess you have to open the book & not leave it lying next to the computer as you read blog after blog after blog!! LOL!!!

--As you can tell I'm in a MUCH better frame of mind since my last rambling post. That woman needs to get something removed from her ass...which may someday be my foot!!

--I'm seriously annoyed that Grey's was a REPEAT tonight. Seriously. I'm just so DONE with this strike--Seriously!! Give them what they want already dammit!!

--I've got the scrapping bug!! I have a lot of creative juices flowing right now & hope to get them all out! I can't wait to play with all the stuff that I've gotten recently! I really need to organize it since it's lying in boxes on the floor....I'm not sure where to start. I should probably scrap the June Disney trip but I kind of want instand gratification so I'm leaning towards a mini album....Not sure

--I'm so happy tomorrow's FRIDAY!! I'm looking forward to not have to run around this weekend.

--I finished the last Harry Potter book last night. It was really good! As much as I couldn't wait to see what happened next I didn't want the book to end!! Can't wait to see the movie! Now I've got to find something else to read...

--I need to get my butt in gear & figure out what to get Joe for his birthday in a few weeks. If I don't do it now I'll turn around & it'll be the 12th!!

--I'm really excited about our upcoming trip to Disney World in April!! We're going the 1st week of April during the school's Spring Break. Some people like Cancun--we like Disney!! We haven't been there since June & really missed it over Christmas. We used to go there at least twice a year but since Marissa started school we hate for her to miss school for vacation.

--I'm shocked over Heath Ledger's death. I really think it was an accidental overdose. It just came out of the blue. There wasn't any prior stories of craziness like Britney Spears--now if I heard she died I wouldn't be surprised. I just really feel bad about his little girl growing up without her dad.

--My cousin Ciro from Italy (on my mother's side) is coming for a visit in March. It'll be his 1st time in the US, not sure how long he'll be staying either. I haven't seen him in FOREVER...I think it was actually 1984. My sister Marie & I were talking about places we could take him to while he's here. It should be interesting coming up with ideas other than the Statue of Liberty. Right now I'm drawing a blank.

--My Uncle John from Italy (on my father's side) is coming for a visit in April. He's arriving the day we get back from Disney. I haven't seen him since he was here in 2003 for my Grandma's funeral. He's my favorite uncle. He's the most like my Dad whom I miss so damn much since he died.....

--I see a weight struggle (more than I'm already struggling with) in my near future due to all the family dinners/get togethers we'll be having. **SIGH**

So there's my rambling for the night. If you read all the way to the end I owe you a large bottle of aspirin!! I warned you it was random!!


laura vegas said...

fun random stuff! love reading posts like this! i'm with you on these repeats ... and i'm so sorry i lied to you that brothers & sisters was going to be new last week. lol! i was sadly mis-informed! and don't worry ... it took me forever to figure out how to make the banner on my blog. and as much as i really want to change it ... i'm scared to touch it because i don't think i could make one again! lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

randomness is good...

i'm over the repeat shows too.

if you are just wanting to add a photo to your header, like mine, then you can do that under customize your blog(apparently,it's a new feature and as easy as uploading your pic-which you could actually personalize in ps or something)...if you are wanting to do something fancy, i, in 2 years of every now and then looking at lindsay's directions, haven't figured it out yet (but i guess you could make something in word/ps/whatever and save as a jpeg to upload like the pic).

p.s. yes, i hold baby A alllll the time! he's so yummy!