Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wanna Laugh??

Yesterday Marissa brought home her report card & she did good. So I figured I'd treat her to a new Webkinz today after school. I took the girls to buy their new animals, Marissa brought home a little kitty she named "Rose" & Gianna picked a black horse she named "Horse" (very original, don'tcha think??). By the time we got home & did homework. It was dinnertime & my F-I-L came over like he does EVERY Thursday night. When he left I cleaned up & by this time it was bed time. I offered to Marissa to log in her new Webkinz so she could play tomorrow night after gymnastics & she said yes.

I signed on to her account & entered the new pet like normal. Then I got a little curious to see what other animals there were & long story short--I started playing "Solitare"!!! LOL! I can't tell you how long I was playing for!! But it was all for a good cause so now when Marissa signs on tomorrow she'll have points/$$ to buy things with. See?? It was all in the name of becoming Mother-Of-The-Year in Marissa's eyes! Lame I know.....but fun!!

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