Saturday, January 26, 2008

Teenage Birthday

Today is my best friend Carolee's son's Matt's birthday. Got that?? He's 15 today! Which just blows my mind!! I've known this kid since he was 3. Since he liked to wear his mom's shoes & her underwear on his head! Sorry Matt-had to share!! As he approached the dreaded teen age years & his hormones raged he was the typical boy. Whenever he saw me he would come say Hi by giving me a big hug & smooshing his head in my boobs--no lie. I always made sure when I saw him coming that I'd be holding one of the girls or something just to avoid the situation. Now this guy is taller than me!! No more boob smooshing! Yeah I always swore I'd get him back by embarrassing him (insert evil laugh here)!!

Happy 15th Birthday Matt!!

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