Saturday, January 26, 2008

Button Dilema

Thanks to my button tree obsession I am left with a multitude of MORE buttons than I started with. Last night I tried getting them put away so I could broaden my crafty horizons but I couldn't come up with something I was happy with.

I have them sorted right now per color & mfg but I also have older buttons that are similar colors but I don't know the mfg. I sort of want to throw them all in a HUGE jar a 'la Heather but my anal quirkiness is holding me back!! Yes I know I need help but therapy is expensive!!! What's your method????


laura vegas said...

ahhhhh ... buttons! i love me some buttons! lol! the great dilema of mixing them or keeping them all seperate by manufacturer and color.

i for one keep the majority of mine in jars by color. i have a TON of "buttons galore" buttons ... so i have a huge jar for each color group ... reds, pinks, orange/yellow, greens, etc. but then i have some seperate jars that hold certain manufacturers ... like MM, AL, etc. for the manufacturers i just mix all the colors together. they'er smaller amounts ... so i don't mind digging for the color i need!

good luck!

Heather Marie said...

What a cute blog entry! :) It sounds to me that you would be happier with the buttons sorted. lol Believe it or not..I had trouble dumping the buttons together until I did it and then I just let it go. lol